Pressure Washing

  • Patios, driveways, and paths brought back to their original glory
  • Removal of stains, moss, algae, and dirt buildup
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions available

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Add instant value to your home or business!

Regardless of your business's size, curb appeal should never be underestimated. A well-maintained, clean exterior not only projects professionalism and hospitality but can also significantly enhance your property's value. Research has indicated that for homeowners, a pressure-washed exterior can increase a property's value by 5-10%. Often, homeowners and sellers prioritize garden care but overlook crucial elements like driveways, fascias, and decking. For businesses, studies have demonstrated a remarkable 10% increase in foot traffic after a thorough pressure wash and window clean, underlining the impact of a pristine exterior on attracting customers.


Driveways & Patios

Restore the pristine beauty of your driveways and patios, with sanding included.

From £90



Bring new life to your decking.

From £90



Protect your surfaces with oil-resistant re-sealing.

From £225


Deck & Fence Staining

Enhance the appearance and longevity of your deck and fence with staining options.

From £70


Soft Wash

Opt for a gentle yet effective soft wash.

From £95


Soft Wash Render Treatment

Revitalize your property's render with a soft wash treatment.

From £95



Ensure the durability and beauty of your surfaces with re-grouting services.

From £150



Eliminate unwanted growth with de-weeding services.

From £50

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